Current Pricing

Prices of quota for lease by recreational stakeholders under the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada Halibut Experimental Recreational Fishery are updated regularly throughout the season.

Current pricing can be seen by signing in to accessQ.


We will gladly consider refunds for previously leased quota and will always try our best to help facilitate any refund opportunity as best we can.

Our ability to fulfill a leaseback request requires us to first find someone who will lease the quota which becomes more of a challenge as the closer we get to the end of the commercial season (usually early November).

Leaseback Policy

  • 20 lbs minimum is required before consideration for quota leaseback will be accepted – this aligns with the minimum transaction volume required to initially lease quota through accessQ and also happens to be DFO’s minimum leasing policy
  • Similar to initial leasing transactions there will be a 10% service charge applied for any quota leaseback
  • If a request for leaseback is accepted, the leaseback amount less the transaction fee (and applicable taxes) will be processed to your credit card after DFO has cleared the transfer of quota off your license
  • Requests for a leaseback will be accepted up to and including September 30th for the current years fishing season
  • We cannot guarantee leasebacks after September 30th for the current year fishing season; any requests for leasebacks after that time will be handled on a case-by-case basis

Requesting a Refund/Leaseback

  • A request for leaseback is first made to indicating your name, license details, and how much you are requesting to lease back
  • If the request meets the conditions outlined in the Leaseback Policy, we will send you a DFO temporary reallocation request form which will require you to complete and email or fax directly to DFO
  • Once we receive a successful transfer notification from DFO we will then proceed to issue a credit to your credit card for the quota leaseback amount less the leaseback service charge fee (and applicable taxes)